Archaeology for the Twenty-First Century

Interdisciplinary. Multicultural. Relevant.

The Research Institute at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is dedicated to the belief that archaeology can address many of the challenges facing society in the twenty-first century. We are an interdisciplinary network of scholars—archaeologists, economists, geographers, sociologists, educators, and indigenous culture specialists, among others—whose collaborative approach to research is especially suited to addressing big questions with large and complex datasets.

Institute research will expand Crow Canyon’s capacity in all three of its mission areas: long-term archaeological research, education about humans past and present, and research partnerships with Native Americans. As part of Crow Canyon, researchers at the Institute can leverage more than three decades of archaeological inquiry—and an extensive database—in support of sustained research leading to a better understanding of the human past and a clearer vision of society’s path forward.

Lessons from the past, guidance for the future

The ultimate goal of the Institute is to offer research-based solutions to real problems. It’s ambitious, but the potential exists for archaeology—long regarded as simply the study of antiquity—to provide fresh perspectives on some of the most intransigent, and controversial, issues of our time.

Research in the public interest

Humans and the environment
We study how humans responded to environmental change in the past and the implications for environmental policy.
Indigenous archaeology
We work to promote respect for different cultures and preservation of traditional knowledge, past and present.
Cultural and scientific literacy
As a social science with deep roots in STEM, archaeology helps students become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Data-driven archaeology

Researchers at Crow Canyon are leaders in quantitative archaeology, computational and statistical modeling, and environmental reconstruction.

Broadening impacts
We are creating learning tools that blur the line between research and education, inviting the public to participate in building new, relevant understandings of the past.
Reproducible research
Scholarly work should be transparent, documented, and reproducible—characteristics of all Research Institute projects. Check out our code repositories on GitHub.
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