The Research Institute community is comprised of Crow Canyon research staff, research volunteers, and external research associates. Each play an integral role in the research, education, and American Indian initiatives of Crow Canyon. The Research Institute seeks to function "without walls"---we facilitate collaborations that transcend disciplinary and geographic boundaries. In particular, we are developing projects with academics, Native American tribes, teachers and schools, and contract archaeologists.

Research Staff

Crow Canyon research and program staff are the core research team at Crow Canyon, while also being devoted educators and curators of the archaeological past. Through educational programs and collaborations with Native Americans, our staff invites the public to collaborate in cutting-edge archaeological research. Interested in joining the Crow Canyon team? Check out our current job openings!

Director of the Research Institute
Kyle is a computational archaeologist interested in human-environment interactions in the past, present, and future.
David Boyle
Explorations Coordinator
David works for the Cultural Explorations Department as a travel coordinator and guide.
Grant Coffey
Research Database Administrator
Grant is interested in how communities organize, evolve, and interact with each other.
Steve Copeland
Field Archaeologist
Steve is interested in teaching the field aspects of archaeological investigations.
Shanna Diederichs
Research Archaeologist
Shanna is a Southwestern Archaeologists interested in the origins of Pueblo social institutions.
Paul Ermigiotti
Paul is interested in natural history, pottery replication, corn domestication and its importance in pueblo culture.
Explorations Coordinator
Tayler helps people forge bonds with diverse cultures and histories through travel and experiential education.
Kate Hughes
Laboratory Analyst
Kate is interested lithic and textile technologies, Southwestern and Great Basin archaeology, and public archaeology.
Explorations Coordinator
Adam loves the natural world and enjoys learning, growing, breathing and spending time with people.
Jamie Merewether
Collections Manager
Jamie is interested in material culture and what it can tell us about life in the past.
Chief Outreach Officer
Sarah is an anthropologist interested in the impact of cultural tourism and experiential learning.
Susan Ryan
Chief Mission Officer
Susan is a scientist who researches the built environment and community formation in the ancient Southwest.
Dylan Schwindt
Director of Information Technology
Dylan is interested in applying innovative solutions in database systems, GIScience, and advanced computing technology to archaeological research and education programs.
Kate Thompson
Explorations Coordinator
Kate works for the Cultural Explorations Department as an adventure-travel coordinator and guide.
Supervisory Archaeologist
Kellam is a public archaeologist whose research addresses cultural landscapes, monumentality, and political organization.
Mark Varien
Executive Vice President of the Research Institute
Mark is interested in Puebloan culture history, archaeology and public education, and American Indian involvement in archaeology.

Postdoctoral Scholars

In 2019, Crow Canyon initiated its Postdoctoral Scholars program by welcoming Dr. Michelle Turner, the first-ever Crow Canyon postdoc. The Crow Canyon Postdoctoral Scholars program will build archaeological careers, amplify Crow Canyon’s ongoing research, and serve the field of archaeology.

2019–2021 Postdoctoral Scholar
Michelle studies the relationships between Chaco Canyon and its outliers through architecture, ceramics, and other material culture.

Research Interns

Crow Canyon offers summer internships in in our program and research departments. Our interns spend ten weeks working with Crow Canyon researchers and participating in educational programs. Many Crow Canyon interns have gone on to have illustrious careers in academia, government, and the private sector. Interested in being an intern at Crow Canyon? Visit our internship page to apply!

2019 Field Intern
Amanda is interested in household archaeology, ceramic analysis, artifact digitization, and community-based archaeology.
2019 Field Intern
Esmeralda is an archaeologist interested in the archaeology of death, ritual, and religion within the Southwest.
2019 Lab Intern
Sarah studies the preceramic and early agricultural periods of the northern Southwest region of the U.S.
2019 Lab Intern
Mariana studies indigenous cultural continuity and change in former Spanish colonies.
2019 Education Intern
Thea is an archaeology student at Boston University interested in the history of Puebloan ceramic artistry.
2019 Field Intern
Sarah is a recently graduated anthropology student, interested in traditional ecological knowledge and human-environment interactions over time.
2019 Field Intern
Sandra is interested in understanding human-environmental interactions within the American Southwest using geographical and geoarchaeological perspectives.
2019 American Indian Initiatives Intern
Addy is interested in Heritage Resource Management, Collaborative Archaeology, and community engagement and outreach.
2018 Field Intern
Sam studies Southwest archaeology, museum studies, and prehistoric interactions between Paquimé and the American Southwest.
2018 Field Intern
Laura is interested in the material evidence of intercultural interaction and integration, as well as material and social inequality.
2018 Field Intern
Meadow is interested in textile processing, communication, and illustrated representations of material culture.
2018 Lab Intern
2013 Field Intern
Anna is interested in Ancestral Puebloan archaeology, cultural resource management on public lands, and groundstone technologies.
2018 Lab Intern
Catherine is interested in digital archaeology, online archiving, and data curation.
2018 Education Intern
Roy is a graduate student in public history, focusing on Southeastern indigenous populations, and public archaeology pedagogy.
2018 Field Intern
Katie is interested in water management, community organization, and how contemporary people interact with the past.
2018 Lab Intern
Emily is interested in archaeological collections management, museum anthropology, and repatriation.
2017 Field Intern
Jessica is a graduate student at Newcastle University, UK interested in classical archaeology and geology.
2017 Lab Intern
Christy is interested in ceramics, population movement, and Puebloan archaeology.
2017 Lab Intern
Genevieve is an archaeology graduate student studying art, symbolic imagery, and representation in the Southwest.
2016 Laboratory Intern
Tara is a Technical Specialist at UNM's Office of Contract Archaeology interested in perishable material culture and provenience analysis.
2016 Field Intern
Jonathan is a zooarchaeologist interested in human interactions with fishes and raptors in New Mexico.
2016 Field Intern
Kelsey studies prehistoric uses of both natural and constructed landscapes and the multiscalar nature of social and ritual practice.
2016 Laboratory Intern
Allison is interested in lithic technologies, rock art, and prehistoric trade connections throughout the Southwest.
2016 Laboratory Intern
Rebecca studies the interplay between community conformity and individuality through household archaeology and ceramic analysis.
2016 Laboratory Intern
Bethany is a graduate student at Utah State University interested in lithic tool organization, and lab and curatorial research.

Research Volunteers

Volunteers are crucial members of the Crow Canyon research team. From analyzing artifacts, to entering data, to leading site tours and cultural explorations, our research volunteers constantly challenge us to make archaeology at Crow Canyon relevant and accessible. Interested in becoming a lab, education, or cultural explorations volunteer? Contact us!

Read Brugger
PFP Volunteer
Read is excited to explore the intersection of Pueblo farmers' enduring agricultural practices and today's rapidly changing climate.
Jane Dillard
Lab Volunteer
Jane is just grateful that she has the choicest BM III property in Montezuma County.
Nancy Evans
Library/Explorations Volunteer
Nancy is inventorying the Crow Canyon research library in addition to her work with Cultural Explorations.
Larry Keller
Lab Volunteer
Larry is a retired attorney and has been a volunteer in the lab at Crow Canyon since 2010.
Robin Lyle
Lab Volunteer/Research Associate
Robin is a poultry research scientist interested in ancient agriculture, turkey husbandry, and material cultures of the past.
Lew Matis
Lab Volunteer
Lew is interested in pottery design, geological sourcing of chipped stone, and methods of reconstructing past environments.
Bob McBride
Lab Volunteer
Bob enjoys recording ancient sites on private property and has 200+ sites recorded thus far with Colorado's OAHP.
Diane McBride
Lab Volunteer
Diane is the Director of Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance and coordinator of the Site Stewardship, both supporting AHC and CANM.
Dave Melanson
Lab Volunteer
Dave is exploring the causes, effects, and cultural trajectories of ancient and modern social transformations.
Susan Montgomery
Lab Volunteer
Susan is a Crow Canyon Earthwatch alumna and experimental potter interested in the archaeology of southwestern peoples.
Mary Schultz
Lab Volunteer
Mary is passionate about analyzing artifacts and preparing them for curation.

Research Associates

The Research Associates of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center are external researchers who are actively collaborating with other Crow Canyon researchers on specific projects. Many of our research associates have long-standing relationships with Crow Canyon, and provide crucial domain-specific expertise. Research associates are welcome to visit Crow Canyon to collaborate on specific projects, and may apply to be scholars-in-residence at the Research Institute house for extended periods. If you are interested in starting a new research collaboration with Crow Canyon researchers and becoming a research associate, please contact us!

Independent Researcher
Karen is a paleoethnobotanist focused on plants important in subsistence and for other daily needs.
New Mexico State University
Fumi is an archaeologist who studies southwestern archaeology, particularly the Mesa Verde and Mimbres regions.
Utah State University & the Santa Fe Institute
Stefani uses the deep-time of archaeology to understand human resilience and vulnerability.
University of New Mexico
Jon is a zooarchaeologist broadly interested in human-environment interactions from the past to the present.
Simon Fraser University
Jon has studied animal bones from archaeological sites in the Southwest for thirty years.
Earlham College
Cynthia is a geoarchaeologist who studies the interaction between culture and natural materials, primarily soils and lithics.
University of Notre Dame
Donna is an anthropological archaeologist studying transformation, disruption, and resiliency in Southwestern societies.
Washington State University
Time applies method and theory from the study of complex adaptive systems to the study of prehistoric societies.
Independent Researcher
Kristin is an archaeologist whose research has focused on causes and effects of warfare in the U.S. Southwest.
University of Colorado, Boulder
Steve’s research focuses mainly on Chaco Canyon and Mimbres, and on archaeological method and theory.
Washington State University
Bill is an archaeologist with expertise in the North American Southwest, archaeological method and theory, and cultural resource management.
Independent Researcher
Robin is a poultry research scientist interested in ancient agriculture, turkey husbandry, and material cultures of the past.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Deb does research that investigates the origins and evolution of violence in human history.
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Cailey is interested in the social and educational impacts of archaeology on K–12 students and communities.
University of North Texas
Lisa is a zooarchaeologist interested in archaeological method and theory, philosophy of science, conservation biology, and biogeography.
Arizona State University
Sarah is a paleoethnobotanist interested in the relationships between foodways and processes of social transformation.
University of Colorado, Boulder
Scott works on the initial formation of ancestral Pueblo society, its transformation into the Rio Grande pueblos, and the practical value of archaeological findings for society today.
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Radoslaw examines settlement structure and the socio-cultural changes around Sand Canyon Pueblo during the 13th Century.
PaleoWest Archaeology
Jim is an archaeologist interested in communal ritual and the organization of prehistoric communities.
University of New Mexico
Kari is an anthropological archaeologist interested in material culture as a means of understanding past social relationships.
Independent Researcher
Laurie is an anthropologist who specializes in the perishable material culture of the U.S. Southwest.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Devin leverages GIScience, big data, and high performance computing to explore large, complex archaeological questions.
Independent Researcher
Rich studies the earliest great house communities, Navajo ethnogenesis, and current issues in public archaeology.
University of North Texas
Steve Wolverton is an ethnobiologist who specializes in environmental archaeology and animal ecology.