Tim Kohler

Timothy A. Kohler (PhD University of Florida 1978) is a Regents Professor at Washington State University. Tim was the senior principal investigator of the Village Ecodynamics Project, and is a principal investigator on the SKOPE project. He continues to work with Crow Canyon on data compiled by this project for a number of publications and ongoing research.

Tim first tried his hand at archaeology in southern France and was trained in the archaeology of the Woodland-period US Southeast, but for most of his career has worked to understand the climate, environment, population, and cultural dynamics of prehispanic Pueblo societies in southwestern Colorado and the northern Rio Grande of New Mexico. He is especially interested in developing new, better, and often quantitative ways to study these societies that allow us to begin from very small spatial and social scales (such as households) and rigorously scale up to the sorts of systems-level phenomena that we ordinarily study in the archaeological record. Particular interests include the causes and consequences of population growth, conflict, and inequality in Neolithic societies.

email: tako@wsu.edu
website: https://anthro.wsu.edu/faculty-and-staff/tim-a-kohler/